LMU4 Line Monitoring Unit 4 way

Order code LMU4

Line monitoring Unit for supervision of 1-4 speaker circuits.

Product Description

The LMU4 Line monitoring unit is used when monitoring of multiple speaker circuits is required. Each card can monitor up to 4 speaker zones. Muliple cards can be used if more than 4 circuits are required. In the event of an open speaker circuit, a yellow led will indicate the zone affected and activate the fault relay.
If a short on speaker circuit is detected the LMU4 will isolate that zone only, a red led will indicate zone affected and activate the fault relay.
A green led indicates normal conditions. Switching of each zone is possible by placing the PTT link to the top position (factory set in LOCK) and place 0V on the PTTĀ  terminal input to activate, this is often used for P.A zone switching. All zones can be activated at once by placing 0V on the ALL CALL A/C terminal input. LMU4 is compatible with Evactron SD and SZ series OWS can be used on most amplifier outputs directly from 100v transformers.
Supplied with plug in terminals. For single circuit applications, LMU1 cards are available.

Voltage supply 23-30vdc
Max load per card- 250 watts
Max load individual circuit- 100 watt
Voltage output- up to 100 volt line
Current draw 90mA
Fuse Self resetting
Fault contacts N.O contact closes in a fault condition. N.C opens in a fault condition.
Indication Individual zone leds, yellow for open and red for short, common green led for normal condition.
Monitor Output – 0V for S/C, +24V with O/C condition (usedEV2000 series using Keypad Fascia)
PTT – Optional zone switching, 0v to activate (P.T.T factory set to LOCK)
All Call Input 0v to activate all zones (P.T.T jumper lock off)
End Of Line Resistor 22k at end of each speaker zone.
Dimensions 140L x 85W x 20mmH